PTFE is a fluoropolymer, a thermoplastic material with properties of low chemical reactivity with good dielectric properties, thermal dissipation, antistatic and low coefficient of friction. Etched PTFE Sheets & tapes are used for bonding to metals for various applications.

Product Range:

1. Virgin & Filled Grades – Glass fiber, Bronze, Carbon, Graphite, Molybdenum Sulphide.

2. Stock Shapes Rods, Sheets, Tubes, Bridge Bearing & Sliding Pads acc to EN 1337-2 EU Norms, Dimpled Sheets & Disc, Skived Etched Sheets & Tapes


Bridge bearings, Slide ways in Machine tools, Packing & Packing machinery, Sliding pads, bearings & bushings, thermal expansion joints, Seals, Piston rings,

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