Product Overview

Good fatigue resistance
High mechanical damping ability
Good sliding properties
Excellent wear resistance
Reduced Co-efficient of Friction
Good electrical insulating properties
Good resistance to high energy radiation
(gamma- and X-rays)
Good machinability

Product Application

Ertalon 6SA | Ertalon 66SA | Ertalon 6PLA |Ertalon 66 GF30 Glass Filled |Ertalon LFX

  • Sleeve and slide bearings, wear pads,
    Support and guide wheels, Cams,
    Conveyor & tension rollers, buffer blocks, Feed Screws,
    Hammer heads,
    Scrapers, gear wheels, Star Wheels
    Conveyor feed screws,
    Precision parts (bushings, slide ways,
    Pump components,
    Insulating components for electrical engineering,
    Cutting Boards, Scrapers
    Oil Filled Grade, internally Lubricated

Ertalon 6XAU+

Heat stabilized Nylon grade offering superior heat aging performance at higher continuously allowable service temperatures.
Recommended for bearings and other mechanical parts subject to wear which are operating in air for long periods of time.

Ertalon 4.6

Suited in "higher temperature area" (80 - 150 °C) where stiffness, creep resistance, heat aging resistance, fatigue strength and wear resistance