Borotron® UH/HM

Borotron is boron-loaded PE-(U)HMW grades, developed explicitly for neutron shielding purposes in nuclear installations and medical applications. The high hydrogen content of PE-(U)HMW makes it very suitable for slowing down fast neutrons to lower energy thermal (slow) neutrons, which are then absorbed by the added boron compound. Borotron PE-UHMW is often preferred because of its better deformation behavior at high temperatures and superior impact strength and wear resistance.

Product Overview

  1. Effectively attenuates neutron radiation particles and minimizes the gamma radiation released during their capture
  2. Very good wear and abrasion resistance
  3. High impact strength (particularly PE-UHMW)
  4. Excellent chemical resistance 
  5. Low coefficient of friction 
  6. Very low water absorption
  7. Moderate mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance 
  8. Excellent machinability


Nuclear Industry

  1. Nuclear waste management
  2. Particle accelerators
  3. Nuclear detection systems
  4. Nuclear storage and transport Containers

Medical Industry

  1. Medical vaults
  2. Medical doors
  3. Hot cells